You’ve experienced it first hand. The energy of a live event. The excitement is palpable, connections are formed, and deals are made. But… the way we approach events today is still analog. Leaving 32% of marketing budgets in the stone age.

It’s time to electrify engagement like never before, harnessing the power of technology to energize attendees into action, supercharge marketing programs and amplify business results like never before.


9:30a – 10:00a The Dawn of Live Engagement Marketing

You know live events are an important part of the marketing mix. But, many event professionals still operate in the Stone Age with little ability to demonstrate ROI and prove success. DoubleDutch CEO and Co-Founder, Lawrence Coburn, will share tips, tricks and a few predictions to supercharge your event strategy with powerful technology to electrify attendee engagement.
10:00a – 10:45a Exploring the Live Engagement Platform

You’ve discovered the power of Live Engagement Data, now how do you use that information to influence business outcomes? DoubleDutch VP of Product, Lucian Beebe will walk you through step-by-step actions to take your attendees on an experience journey while giving you a peek into the future of the DoubleDutch platform.
10:45a – 11:00a Break
11:00a – 11:15a The Event Revolution: How to Lead the Charge in Your Organization

The path to marketing enlightenment is within reach, now you need to change your frame of mind when it comes to events. DoubleDutch CMO, Emily He, will give you the practical ideas and inspiration you need to bring your organization onboard and illuminate your path to leadership.
11:15a – 12:45a Panel: Stories From the Event Floor to the Boardroom

Hear how some of the most innovative marketing teams use technology to reach prospects through every channel and track engagement through all elements of a single campaign; from explicit behavior like web visits and email open rates to implicit actions like product interests and purchase intent, you have the unique opportunity to accelerate your business like never before.

11:45a – 12:15p How DoubleDutch Uses DoubleDutch

You’re experiencing the first-ever Live Engagement Marketing event. As you watch the show unfold, DoubleDutch is working behind the scenes to create magic leveraging the power of Live Engagement Data. The DoubleDutch team will talk through exactly how they created the Live Engagement Strategy from start to finish.

12:15p – 12:30p Closing Remarks
12:30p – 2:00p Lunch & Networking
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