NEXT: Erasmus Universiteit te Rotterdam 2024

4 recente marketing onderzoeksonderwerpen

NEXT: Erasmus Universiteit te Rotterdam 2024

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schrijf me in voor 17-10-24

Erasmus University, Erasmus school of Economics
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam

15:30 - 20:00

We nodigen je graag uit voor de volgende NEXT sessie op donderdag 17 oktober, waarin wij te gast zijn bij de Erasmus School of Economics op de Erasmus Universiteit te Rotterdam. Hopelijk zien we jou bij dit unieke event. 
Tijdens deze NEXT sessie presenteren 6 professoren van de Marketingfaculteit de uitkomsten uit hun recente marketing onderzoeksonderwerpen.
Revenue Generation Through Influencer Marketing by Dr. Andreas Bayerl
Andreas' research explores how firms can generate revenue efficiently through influencer marketing on Instagram, TikTok and the like. The study reveals that partnering with influencers who have smaller followings (so called nano- or micro influencer) results in a higher return on investment compared to those influencers with larger followings (so called macro- or mega influencer). These findings provide valuable insights for businesses in selecting the most effective influencers for their marketing campaigns.
Customer Insights for Innovation by Dr. Nuno Camacho and Dr. Stefan Stremersch
In Nuno and Stefan’s research, they synthesized five decades of academic research, surveyed 305 innovation managers, and interviewed 12 executives from top market research agencies like Ipsos, Nielsen, Kantar, IQVIA, and GfK to help firms effectively use customer insights for innovation. Next, they created a framework that offers guidance on how firms can effectively gather data, extract insights, and act on these insights when making innovation decisions. Their findings highlight that companies often underuse customer insights for innovation. This is especially true for customer insights domains that require active customer involvement, such as crowdsourcing and co-creation. They provide recommendations to help firms make the most of customer insights and avoid missing out on innovation opportunities.
Simulating market research data using LLMs by Dr. Martijn de Jong and Dr. Bas Donkers
The research of Martijn and Bas focuses on automated market research leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to simulate human responses in market research tasks. This methodology can efficiently generate insights on for instance brand perceptions, attitudes, and behaviour. The agreement rates with traditional human surveys vary from context to context, but by speeding up the research process and reducing costs, LLM-based approaches promise to enhance the scope of market research, making it possible to explore more detailed and varied questions without relying solely on human participants.
New Business Models in Platform Markets by Dr.  Michiel van Crombrugge
Michiel presents new Business Models in Platform Markets. These platform markets consist of two user groups that provide each other with indirect network benefits by either buying or selling applications (typically software) through a platform.  Recently, the increased digitization of platform markets and their software have substantially disrupted the market structure. For platform owners and software sellers, this has paved the way for new business models, such as subscriptions or in-software purchases. For software buyers it has shifted preferences and consumption behaviour, for instance towards multihoming and a focus on access over ownership. In this context, we investigate the potential changes that such disruptions have brought about in the market dynamics of platform markets.
Programma (let op, volgorde van de sessies is nog onder voorbehoud)
15.00 uur: ontvangst  
15.30 uur: aftrap NEXT
15.45 uur: Sessie 1
16.30 uur: Sessie 2
17.15 uur: korte pauze
17.30 uur: Sessie 3
18.15 uur: Sessie 4
19.00 uur: netwerkdiner 
20:00 uur: einde programma 
Deze sessie is exclusief (en gratis) toegankelijk voor Register Marketeers.
Tevens mogen Senior Marketing Professionals ook aansluiten bij deze sessie, zij betalen daar € 25,- ex BTW voor. 

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