Skill training: Personal Branding (ENG)

Insight into the need for a strong personal brand, a positive image, your impact and how you can permanently stregthen this yourself.


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Jocelyn Rebbens


Captain of your Own Career
No matter what kind of step you are going to take to become the captain of your own career, investing in your Personal Branding is a must. It has nothing to do with selling yourself on the short term. In fact, it’s a choice to show the best version of you and about building long term (authentic) work relationships based on the content, passion, ambition and values that matter.

Due to the pandemic and worldwide issues, the work environment has changed as well. We don’t have the opportunity to catch up or connect every day in person and we often don’t meet our (new) colleagues in person at their start. So how do you make a difference as a marketeer, communication professional or manager, connect and get things done in this hybrid work situation? Because getting your dream job, dream role or dream project is often difficult to achieve. Make sure your stakeholders are interested in your added value.

Focusing on Personal Branding is a smart thing to do, because only connecting about projects, data, research or processes in video meetings is not enough. It will work if you’re ready to show some personality, if you are enthusiastic (shine) about your work as a marketeer, take ownership and if you are willing to persevere.



  • Awareness of the importance and urge of Personal Branding
  • Tools & insights to build an effective and authentic personal reputation
  • Practicing to get your message across (pitching)
  • More direction in your career and personal leadership with your Personal Brand
  • Making a difference and shine with your personal added value


All participants receive 3 assignments to prepare. These assignments are mandatory to be able to attend.
1-day interactive training program:
  • First impressions today! Getting to know each other. Goals today?
  • Urgency & importance of personal branding.
  • What does it mean? How does it work? Why paying attention as a marketeer?
  • Back to your roots! Personal Branding and childhood talents & dream (homework)
  • 10 Do’s of Personal Branding for marketing experts; which one needs your attention?
  • 3 step model @ReBBels: Identity – Image – Impact
  • Personal brand value exercise: feedback & coaching on identity & image? (homework)
  • Psychology of first impressions
  • #BrandChecks of some personal brands on social media (LinkedIn……)
  • Presenting your Personal Brand moodboard (homework); TOPs & TIPs
  • Pitching your added value in work! Speed dating
    • Personal Brand Passport (personal sum of the insights of today)
    • Bonus: Personal brand Passport, Tips for continuous personal brand management & video meetings & presentations, literature.