oktober, 2018

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31okt10:3018:30Mastercourse B2B Marketing in English (2 days & 2 webinars)Get all the tools to uplift your marketing plans to a higher level! Sign up! Investering: NIMA Member fee € 995,– Regular fee € 1195,–  The fee includes a 1 year use of the  DSM/Vlerick Self Learning Portal with best practices and tools (in English)


(Woensdag) 10:30 - 18:30


Vlerick Business Schools

Bolwerklaan 21, 1210 Brussel, België


NIMA Member fee € 995,–
Regular fee € 1195,– 

The fee includes a 1 year use of the  DSM/Vlerick Self Learning Portal with best practices and tools (in English)


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Event beschrijving

NIMA B2B Mastercourse

This year we will run the NIMA B2B Mastercourse for the second time! The B2B marketing profession is developing fast. It is vital to stay up to date. This B2B Mastercourse is co-developed by the leading international Vlerick Business School, and the NIMA B2B community and will present a diverse mix of theoretical knowledge and practical insight. To give the latest trends and inspiration in this fast developing discipline.


Vlerick Business school is internationally recognized and has close ties to the corporate world, which results in to the point and pragmatic B2B learnings founded on solid theoretical models and insights. Add to this the real-life examples and cases of well-known companies and members of the B2B community and you get a hands-on Mastercourse which gives you a great tool set to be innovative in your work as a professional marketeer.

What we offer

  • The latest insights and pragmatic and real life B2B examples and best practices on: market understanding and insights, propositions and value creation & customer engagement and digitization.
  • Modern self-directed learning; Interactive, peer to peer and individual
  • The instruments to ask the right questions and solve them
  • All the tools to uplift your marketing plans to a higher level based upon the latest insights of marketing experts: practical as well theoretical.

The program format

  • 2 days face to face events on: October 31st, with lectures and cases by professor Koen Tackx at the Vlerick Business School campus in Brussel, November 21st with real life cases from RustOleum, Bidfood, Booking.com and DSM, by the NIMA B2B Marketing community.
  • Webinars with Barney Jordaan: Thursday November 8th 10.00 – 11.00
  • Webinar with Steve Muylle: Thursday November 15th  10.00 – 11.00
  • 1 year free access to the DSM/ Vlerick self-learning portal with articles, videos, best practices

The B2B Mastercourse program details

October 31st, 10.30 – 18.30, campus Vlerick Business School in Brussels (just 5 minutes from train station Brussels North)

Customer interaction! Value creation / value capturing, key in optimizing your B2B relations by professor Koen Tackx

  • Customer Value creation, and capturing this value is one of the drivers behind shareholder value creation. During this day we discuss the sustainability of the business model.
  • Creating a deeper understanding of your customer and how the ecosystem influences your customers
  • Identifying which role and position you want to play and how to differentiate
  • How to combine this market understanding and choices into a congruent strategy

November 8 and 15: Interactive Webinars about:

Negotiations to create value by Prof. Barney Jordaan (november 8) 

Negotiating to create value enables you to design optimal negotiation deals. If you no longer want to leave the negotiation table feeling somehow disappointed with the outcome, then you are at the right address. During this webinar you can learn from insights which will help you to be able to convince others to follow you, even in difficult settings. Ideally you are ablt to close deals based on cooperation, and to create value in the negotiation process.

On the learning portal you can find more content which will help you to be well prepared for this interactive webinar!

Digital strategy by Prof. Dr. Steve Muylle (november 15)

You cannot underestimate the impact of digitisation on your organisation. New technologies create new opportunities for business – and new challenges as well. This webinar addresses the most recent opportunities and challenges of various technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, mobile, social media, and big data. Master the key principles of digital strategy and learn how to identify digital initiatives that leverage the transformative power of digitisation and give your organisation a competitive edge in a redefined ecosystem.

On the Vlerick/DSM learning portal participants have access to, you can find a lot of content to be used to prepare for this webinar. You are invited to come up with your personal case during the webinar.

All webinars will be held from 10.00 – 11.00. If you are not able to participate during the interactive webinars, please inform us upfront about this. We will then make it possible for you to watch the webinars later. 

November 21st: Interactive peer to peer learning in ‘the Randstad’ area in the Netherlands from +/- 09.00 – 16.30.

How to apply the theoretic models in practice; an active learning day where you will have to solve cases and learn directly from the source with the following participating companies: RustOleum, DSM, Booking.com and Bidfood.

For whom?

This Mastercourse is interesting for marketing managers, product managers and communication manager who are working in the B2B enviroment.
The language of this whole course (face to face events and the webinars) will be English and in order to be able to follow the whole course it would be good if you have at least NIMA A marketing level.


As participant, you will get a year FREE ACCES to the DSM Vlerick learning portal. This digital learning portal created by Vlerick Business School and DSM contains a wealth of information in the form of articles, videos, reference cards, quizzes and best practices. This Learning Portal gives you the opportunity to enhance your capabilities whenever and wherever you need it. See also a short video about this portal.

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Sprekers voor dit event

  • Prof. Barney Jordaan

    Prof. Barney Jordaan

    Professor of management practice at Vlerick Business School

    Barney Jordaan holds a doctorate in law from Stellenbosch University, where he was professor of law until 1997 teaching employment, contract and intellectual property law. He thereafter taught negotiation at Stellenbosch University Business School and the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town. Aside from his academic involvement, he was co-founder and director of a consulting firm in South Africa specialising in negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution. His first serious encounter with negotiation was in the 1980’s in the tough field of collective bargaining. Since then he has been involved in assisting clients in both commercial and workplace negotiation for more than 30 years, working with blue chip South african as well as global organisations in the shipping, tobacco, consumer goods, retail, manufacturing and financial sectors.

    Professor of management practice at Vlerick Business School

  • Prof. Dr. Steve Muylle

    Prof. Dr. Steve Muylle

    Partner and Full Professor of Marketing & Digital Strategy

    Steve is a recognised expert in assessing and enhancing e-business processes. Steve delivers actionable insights into how firms maximise the value of and for customers, offline and online. He has received multiple awards for his research and teaching. He is also academic director of Vlerick’s Online MBA program.

    Partner and Full Professor of Marketing & Digital Strategy

  • Prof. Koen Tackx

    Prof. Koen Tackx

    Professor of Management Practice at Vlerick Business School

    Koen Tackx is a Professor of Management Practice at Vlerick Business School in strategy and marketing. His industry focus includes energy, financial services and telecommunicationsIn the marketing domain his main research interest is how to balance between value creation and value capturing and how different strategies can influence this balance. He presented papers at major conferences like the Strategic Management Society Annual Conference and the British Academy of Management. Koen is passionate about how companies can create value for customers and capture value for their shareholders.

    Professor of Management Practice at Vlerick Business School

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