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Marketers show more compassion in response to pandemic

11 december 2020

How best to communicate with worried consumers during the coronavirus pandemic is one of the central challenges facing marketers, and a new survey suggests the great majority of marketers in the UK have done just that – by being more compassionate and thoughtful.

According to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), three-quarters (74%) of senior UK marketers out of a sample of 229 respondents said their brands or clients have shown more compassion and thoughtfulness in response to COVID-19.

The DMA’s online survey, which was conducted in October, revealed that these industry leaders cited an enhanced focus on tailoring content and thoughtful messaging (68%), trying to be useful to consumers (62%) and taking a more customer-centric approach (55%).

In addition, half (50%) pointed to being more generous to essential workers and even reducing marketing spend and volumes (42%) to reduce the impact on consumers during this time.

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