Nieuws over marketing

Het commerciële domein omvat de vakgebieden marketing, sales en communicatie. Media zijn our middle name en er wordt dan ook veel gepubliceerd door vakgenoten en over de vakgebieden. Hieronder vind je verschillende publicaties geschreven door en voor NIMA Members, maar ook nieuws over marketing, publicaties van NIMA zelf en bijdragen van onze mediapartners.

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Six marketing trends for 2017 Alva van Beek

Using technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality effectively, and rethinking social video, are among the key challenges marketers face in 2017, according to a new report produced by Warc in collaboration with Deloitte Digital. The Toolkit 2017 report examines six marketing trends for the year ahead, distilling the thinking and research published on …

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Perceived variety affects choice Alva van Beek

The importance of product display is well-known to retailers, but new research suggests that, when faced with an assortment to pick from, consumers’ choices can be imperceptibly swayed by whether the items are displayed vertically or horizontally. A paper for the Journal of Marketing Research, A ‘Wide’ Variety: Effects of Horizontal Versus Vertical Display on …

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CMOs struggle with growth demands Alva van Beek

There is an increasing expectation among the C suite that chief marketing officers (CMOs) will drive growth and create business value, but a new study suggests that CMOs themselves are uncertain as to how they can best deliver on this. The CMO Council and Deloitte surveyed more than 200 marketing decision makers across all industry …

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Don’t do something new just for the sake of it, warns Facebook CMO Alva van Beek

Facebook CMO Gary Briggs says creativity and innovation will be key to site’s success over the next 10 years but he warns that there’s no point doing something new just for the sake of it. Why does a company with 1.79 billion users need a CMO? “It’s a question I get asked a lot at parties,” …

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Loyalty cards aren’t convincing British consumers to shop Alva van Beek

As new research shows British consumers are among the least likely to have their shopping decisions influenced by a loyalty scheme, brands are warned that loyalty now is about more than discounts and must focus on customer experience. Brands need to evolve their loyalty schemes to focus on customer experience and service, rather than discounts …

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Creating Value with Big Data Analytics wint PIM Marketing Literatuurprijs Alva van Beek

Creating Value with Big Data Analytics van de auteurs Peter Verhoef, Edwin Kooge, Natasha Walk (Routeledge) is bekroond tot winnaar van de PIM Marketing Literatuurprijs 2016. Het Platform Innovatie in Marketing (PIM) heeft dit dinsdagavond 6 december bekendgemaakt. De prijs voor het Marketingstudieboek 2016 is gewonnen door Karel van Alsem en Erik Kostelijk met het …

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Ikea’s advertising is so special, it makes even flatpack furniture appealing Alva van Beek

I’m a bit of an Ikea fanboy. I can’t remember an ad in the recent past that I didn’t like. The so-bloody-true iconic earworm “kitchen at parties” rings in my mind weekly, the epic observed beauty of “Beds”, the scale of shirts flying to sell storage, for God’s sake. It’s like reeling out tracks to …

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Jeroen van IJzendoorn SMP – Never Grow Up Alva van Beek

Dat constante ontwikkeling noodzaak is om als marketeer voorop te kunnen lopen is mij al jaren duidelijk. Onlangs heb ik het in een officieel jasje gestoken door mijzelf te laten certificeren als Senior Marketing Professional via NIMA. De term #nevergrowup is één van mijn motto’s. Het zit volledig vervlochten in al mijn werkzaamheden en in …

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Marketing is out of touch with reality. Can we fix it? Alva van Beek

The marketing industry recently received some sobering news. A study commissioned by Thinkbox reported a significant disconnect between people working in the industry, and those with whom they are communicating. Its summary is clear: “We’re in the privileged position of being at the forefront of technological change within this industry. (….) Unfortunately for us, it’s …

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