10 Essential Skills Every CXM Team Needs

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Customer experience management (CXM)—the orchestration and personalization of the entire end-to-end customer experience—requires a deep bench of cross-functional experts to function. While the specific skills necessary for an effective CXM practice can vary by company and transformation goals, every CXM team must possess some overarching must-haves.

“The group needs to be open-minded, data-first, and customer-centric,” said Sprint chief digital officer Rob Roy. “The most important part is being able to step away from what you think you know and place yourself in the customer’s shoes.”

In addition, said Coveo CMO Mark Floisand, good CXM teams need representation from across the organization in order to understand customer life cycle stages and the interactions customers have across various touch points.

“The team needs a holistic understanding that every interaction counts. Each time a customer engages with a brand at any stage of their own unique journey, they are providing the brand with more data, more clues, that can better inform the experience for that customer,” Floisand said. “It’s crucial to establish that common understanding up front across the team to ensure no data silos get left behind.”

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