A guide for mid-career informational interviews for marketing technologists

This guest post by Erica Seidel is part of a regular column she writes, Ask the Martech Recruiter. Erica runs The Connective Good, a retained executive recruiting firm that helps companies land leaders in martech, marketing, digital strategy, analytics, and market research.

Dear Erica,

I have 10 years of digital marketing experience and want to switch to a pure martech role. I have reached out to a few people to ask for informational interviews. But few have gotten back to me. And isn’t informational interviewing more for people who are starting out in their careers, anyway?

Ella, New Jersey

Dear Ella,

So you’re no longer the young college grad eagerly soaking up insights from the more experienced people who love to give a leg up to the next generation. But informational conversations in mid-career are alive and well too!

And there is now one thing in your favor you didn’t have 10 years ago:

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