A third of brands expect to be hiring marketers over the next 3 months


    The quarterly IPA Bellwether Report reveals for the first time that marketers are feeling confident enough to hire despite ongoing uncertainty over Brexit and what it will mean for the UK economy. Marketers are feeling confident about employment opportunities despite concerns over economic growth following the vote to leave the European Union.

    For the first time this quarter, the IPA’s Bellwether Report asked respondents how they feel about employment in the industry. And in responses shared only with Marketing Week it found that almost a third (29.5%) of marketers expect overall employment to be higher in three months’ time compared to now.

    This was more than double the percentage that predicted a fall (13%), and means a net balance score of +16.4%. Some 57.5% expect employment to stay the same.

    While this is the first time this question has been posed to marketers as part of the report, the results show business are planning to invest in staff despite the uncertain economic and political climate. Paul Smith, senior economist at IHS Markit, which compiles the report for the IPA, says many brands are looking to take advantage of new opportunities and markets thrown up by Brexit.

    “While the surprising vote result has to a degree undermined financial prospects both at the company and industry levels, the immediate economic impact has perhaps not been as severe as some envisaged in the immediate aftermath of the vote,” he explains. “Indeed, companies are seeing both threats and opportunities following the Brexit vote.”

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