Adapting to the seven ages of brand

A brand does not remain static throughout its lifetime, potentially passing through seven stages which marketers need to recognise in order to help it evolve and adapt to new circumstances.

Writing in the current issue of Admap, Giles Lury, a director of The Value Engineers, and Sean Davey, a partner at Pollitt & Partners, observe that brands “exist to manage long-term value and are not superseded or replaced, but rather they have the potential to be eternal”.

But, they add, brands evolve and go through various ages and most will, at some point, have to address the challenges and opportunities that arise.

Those facing a brand in the inception age of its life cycle, for example, will be very different to those facing a brand in the expansion phase.

In the former, the challenge for the brand owner is first and foremost to survive and ideally succeed and this often revolves around practical issues such as establishing production, gaining distribution, driving trial and managing cash flow.

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