Alexandra Dimiziani, Airbnb: Get off the career ladder and become a better marketer by making bold sideways moves

    You don’t need to follow the traditional path to career advancement, a ‘lattice’ career, taking you out out of your comfort zone will make you a more distinctive and useful employee, argues Airbnb’s EMEA marketing director Alexandra Dimiziani.

    My professional path began with the trappings of the ordinary – a business degree and an entry-level job in a New York City ad agency. The only obvious oddity was that I graduated from university at an age at which I was often in the uncomfortable position of entertaining clients while still years shy of legally drinking alcohol in the US.

    Five years, two agencies and several titles later, I began to dress one Monday morning and was suddenly struck with two realisations. One, that my wardrobe was filled with trouser suits. Two, that my life had become something I never intended – a pedestrian, predictable existence. One rife with petty promotions and pay rises but short on purpose and personal growth.

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