Attitude, not age, is key for research


    Brands’ marketers devote considerable resources into trying to understand the preferences of millennials, but they would achieve better results if they based their research on behaviour and attitudes regardless of age, gender or income.

    That is because consumers are too complex and nuanced to be fully understood by narrow, traditional demographics, argued Virginia Monk, Managing Director of Network Research, in the current issue of Admap.

    She said traditional demographics still have their place in market research, but that conducting research into attitudinal segments improves understanding and can open up new markets for brands.

    She supported her claim with findings from a study Network Research conducted into the way consumers make decisions, based on the rational and emotional components of brand relationships.

    The study involved 1,500 consumers, who were asked about 60 of the UK’s best-known brands across 12 categories, which in turn fed into interviews with 1,000 consumers about a selection of the 20 biggest brands.

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