Brands must address ‘digital dilemma’ while taking a stand on social issues in 2020

More brands will be taking a stand on social issues in 2020 in response to consumer expectations, according to a new trend report by Kantar.

Nike for example, is continuing to take a stand for women in Asia by picking high jump record holder Cecilia Yeung as one of the stars of a new campaign encouraging women to break boundaries, challenge stereotypes and overcome prejudice.

But brands must not forget to weigh the risks as well as the rewards of taking up a social cause in today’s highly social and digital world, says Kantar’s 2020 Media Trends and Predictions.

In addition, for those operating in a dynamic and complex region such as Asia, advertisers and marketers need to truly understand the needs, values and sentiments of all their customers and potential buyers before they get the word out in a way that “feels authentic, not opportunistic”, said Pablo Gomez, Kantar’s chief digital officer for Asia Pacific.

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