BT’s CMO: ‘Communication that makes people feel is more powerful’

    Al-Qassab is chief brand and marketing officer at BT and part of the Power 100 list of the UK’s most influential marketers. Having spent 20 years of his career at Procter & Gamble, latterly as managing director of its beauty business, Al-Qassab then made the move to the start-up world in 2014, spending a year as chief marketing officer at HouseTrip.

    As an intern, my marketing director greeted me with these daunting words: “Leadership has nothing to do with hierarchy – anyone can be a leader, and that’s what I expect from you.” I’ve never known better advice. Anyone seeking to be a great marketer should stop thinking of themselves as a marketing person and start thinking and acting as an all-round leader of their business. You need curiosity for every aspect of the business. I was lucky to have a broad experience during a 20-year stint at Procter & Gamble: from long-term brand management to commercial trading; from product design to advertising development; global, regional and local roles; brand and performance marketing; a schooling in traditional FMCG household goods. But most marketers are not fortunate enough to experience this range; they have to go in search of it and invest time in understanding their stakeholders. That’s the only way to gain credibility with the wider organisation so that you can have real influence.

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