Claudia Willvonseder, CMO, IKEA: ‘A well-executed brand purpose is about showing, not telling.’

Claudia Willvonseder is the CMO at IKEA and is the chair of the Effective Use of Brand Purpose category at the 2018 WARC Awards. Here, she talks about IKEA’s purpose, the importance of employee engagement and why brands are like glass boxes.

What does brand purpose done well look like?

When it shines through each and every action of a company. Brand purpose is not about what a company or brand says, but what it does. A well-executed brand purpose is about showing, not telling.

What are your favourite non-IKEA examples of brand purpose?

One is Patagonia which lives its brand purpose uncompromisingly. They have a super strong ‘why’ at the core of their business and they express it confidently. It’s a shining example of brand purpose done well.

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