(Column Mark Ritson) Marketing in the time of Covid-19

I went to university in 1989. A working-class boy, I picked the nearest university to my home, my girlfriend and everything I knew, and chose Lancaster. On 2 October my mum drove 40 minutes down the M6 and dropped me off outside my halls of residence. Student life began.

I came to study marketing – of course. Right from the outset I loved everything about it. I found my professional calling in lectures about marketing scholars that I would one day meet and have a beer with but who, back then, were exotic American professors with beards and strange surnames.

That makes me sound like a bit of a swot. In truth, I was a bad student from the start. My real passion, back in those final, cold Lancastrian nights of the 1980s, was drinking and all the very fine shenanigans that came with it.

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