‘Content design breeds user confidence’

The past few months may not have seemed like a great time for design in general. Though many businesses have shown ingenuity in serving customers in new ways, it’s perhaps easier to recall the government’s beleaguered test-and-trace efforts, ambiguous messaging and a chancellor with his own brand complete with strange kerning.

But there are businesses out there demonstrating great content design.

‘Seamlessly’ helping consumers

If you go back to tech investor Mary Meeker’s coronavirus trends report, published in April, Meeker suggested that when we were to look back on spring, we would see successful businesses as those that had:

  1. Cloud-based business functions
  2. Products always in demand, but especially so in uncertain times (food, water, shelter – and also entertainment)
  3. An easily discoverable online presence that seamlessly helps consumers
  4. Efficient ways to distribute products to consumers in limited-contact ways
  5. Products that make businesses more digitally efficient
  6. Broad (or emerging) social media presence

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