Dopamine fuels social sharing

    Understanding dopamine cycles could be the key to boosting social media engagement and more effective targeting, an expert in neuroscience believes.

    According to Dr Peter Steidl, principal at strategic consultancy Neurothinking, social sharing activates the rewards system of the brain, providing the same “feel good” release of dopamine received from pleasure-seeking activities, such as sex, food and exercise.

    (For more, including practical advice on the neuroscience of social sharing and how marketers can use dopamine to their advantage, read Warc’s exclusive report: Dopamine and the science of social media sharing.)

    The quest for another dopamine hit drives people to like, post, share and comment, Steidl says. It also drives consumers to check their social media sites frequently and, for marketers, a deeper understanding of how dopamine fuels social sharing can create more effective advertising.

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