The European Marketing Confederation – waar NIMA deel van uitmaakt – publiceert regelmatig papers van vooraanstaande marketingwetenschappers die met steun van het EMC onderzoek verrichten naar actuele marketingvraagstukken. Deze publicatie verscheen in februari 2018:

Introduction: Information Technology and Marketing Advances in Information Technology (IT) have greatly affected the marketing function, creating opportunities as well as challenges for marketers.

Initially developments in IT particularly affected decision making and the decision process. Scanning technology, increasingly faster and more powerful computers, and increasingly abundant storage space have all led to enormous amounts of available data, along with the capability to transform these data into information, insights and knowledge.

Not only this, advanced data analysis techniques and models have improved the ability of marketers to support the decision-making process, or even automate it.

For example, many online retailers now provide their customers with automated recommendations for complementary products and services, when customers order a product in their store. Making such recommendations one-by-one and on a person-to-person basis would be simply impossible for human decision makers. However, by exploiting data from previous customer purchases using new algorithms, product recommendations can be made for online customers, on a massive scale.

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