European brands shift programmatic in-house

Marketers in five major European markets are shifting their programmatic ad-buying in-house, according to a series of comprehensive reports from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Based on a survey of 950 Europe-based brand representatives responsible for making media investment decisions, the IAB found that two-thirds (65%) of brands in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK currently buy ads programmatically.

And in an important development, a full 86% of these programmatically active brands have fully (39%) or partially (47%) moved the function in-house, although the extent to which brands have fully embraced in-house programmatic capabilities varies across the five markets.

For example, about a third of brands in Germany (35%) and Spain (32%) have fully moved programmatic in-house compared with nearly half (48%) of brands in the UK.

According to the IAB study, which was supported by Accenture Interactive, a consultancy making active moves into agency services, the main reasons for European brands to bring programmatic media-buying in-house are cost efficiency, audience targeting and campaign effectiveness.

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