Failure to align marketing and HR causing brands to miss out on top talent


    Companies need to start treating job candidates like customers if they want to attract the best workers, according to research by LinkedIn.

    UK businesses are missing out on hiring the best talent because of a disconnect between marketing and HR that is leading to a failure to promote a company’s values or purpose.

    According to new research by LinkedIn, an organisation’s purpose is a deal-breaker for more than half (52%) of UK professionals when they consider whether to take a job offer. That number rises to 56% among those aged 16 to 24.

    Yet a third of businesses fail to include their values on their website, while three-quarters (77%) don’t mention it on their LinkedIn company page making it very difficult for prospective employees to find.

    During the recruitment process, just 27% of organisations mention their purpose in job ads and 39% talk about them in a job interview.

    Dan Dackombe, director of LinkedIn talent solutions, told Marketing Week: “Companies are very good at explaining what they do but not why and how they do it. Yet a company’s ability to share its ethical and corporate moral compass is becoming more and more important to job seekers. Increasingly, they want to know what type of company they work for, what its values are and what it stands for, and how that manifests itself in the business.

    “Yet most companies are really poor at promoting that.”

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