Finding the best measure of success for content marketing


    The importance of content marketing continues to rise for many brands but knowing how to measure effectiveness remains an issue.

    Content marketing has evolved into a fully-fledged marketing function but as with many newer communications channels finding the best measure of success remains a challenge.

    Only half of marketers believe it is possible to accurately measure content marketing’s return on investment, according to a study by the Content Marketing Association (CMA), and 52% are unsure whether a universal metric is realistic.

    But almost a third (29%) of content marketers are worried that budgets will move away from harder to measure channels if measurement is not sorted.

    Just last week, Facebook admitted a number of errors in the way it measures audiences, after earlier this year owning up to the fact it had be overstating how long users watch videos on its site by up to 80%.

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    The report shows that half of marketers currently spend 6% to 15% of their content marketing budget on measurement, and while 73% of senior level marketers do class measurement as ‘very important’ to their content marketing strategy, only 45% are planning to increase this over the next 12 month.

    Although Marketing Week columnist Mark Ritson does not dispute the value of content marketing, he is not convinced it should be treated as a separate form of communication. Furthermore, he argues that simply creating more content will not increase consumer engagement.

    He said in a recent column: “The problem appears to be content marketers who, in a modern version of marketing myopia, seem to think that their reason for existence is to create content, rather than communicate with clients and sell stuff.”

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