Five Things That Marketing Leaders Do to Inspire Deeper Customer Engagement


    Client engagement is an essential part of any successful client retention strategy. The concept of engagement can be applied to consumer brands, but it is even more crucial in business relationships for long-term success.

    Then why is customer engagement so difficult to plan and execute?

    In a surprising number of cases, client engagement isn’t rational nor is it just about the physical product or tangible aspect of the service. Client engagement is emotional, intangible, and very personal. It is just as much an art as it is a science.

    Moreover, there are many ways to understand, measure, and manage the motivational aspects of thousands (or even millions) of client interactions.

    The more emotional and personal the bond between provider and client, the greater the potential engagement. However, establishing and maintaining such personal connections depends on the people who interact with clients. When engagement comes down to so many, managing it gets messy.

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