Five Ways AI Is Changing the Future of Marketing Research for the Better

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has dramatically changed the way businesses and brands understand and communicate with their target audiences. Nowhere is that truer than in the fields of experience management (XM) and marketing research.

AI and machine-learning can evoke polarized opinions in public discourse: For example, many welcome AI as a means to reduce repetitive and mindless work; others fear it for exactly the same reason, thinking AI coupled with robotics will replace human jobs.

But in the XM research world, the scales are massively tipped in favor of AI. In fact, our research at Qualtrics research shows that 93% of market researchers describe AI as an industry opportunity. As an example of interest in the intersection of AI and market research, the self-governing organization of market researchers in the US, the Insights Association, organized it conference in June on how AI and other new technologies “are powering better ways to collect data, discover insights, and communicate results.”

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