FMCG brands and the future of TV

The growth of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands has been intrinsically linked to mass reach media, but brands now face difficult choices when it comes to TV in particular, which may require a serious reappraisal of the wider media market, an industry figure suggests.

In the first of two-part paper, Chris Worrell, head of strategy at Wavemaker, explains that FMCG brands can use TV to either reach fewer people with the same budget (risking campaigns that underperform) or increase investment to maintain reach (by default reducing ROI from the channel).

Or, he argues in Future fit communications planning: Exploring new strategies for growth for FMCG brands, they can reassess the role of other channels, which currently comprise only a small proportion of total media investment.

The decline in TV reach (and simultaneous growth in ad blocking) is reframing channels like radio and OOH as must-have mass reach channels, he maintains.