Four Visual Neuromarketing Hacks to Boost Your Branding

Let’s start with a story.

To analyze the effectiveness of its TV commercial storyboard, Makro, an international digital and in-store retailer, asked neuroscience research firm Neurensics to conduct an f-MRI study to determine people’s reactions. The experiments showed that the storyboard scored lower than average in effectiveness: “It activated more negative than positive emotions. In particular, the storyboard did not activate decent levels of trust and expectation. The overall result was a negative score on influencing buying behavior.”

The experts’ advice to Makro was to eliminate the scenes that provoked anger and rejection, to mention the company’s end-value, resolve some elements of the plot, and add music with a climax.

The TV commercial based on the optimized storyboard provoked more positive feelings in the audience, according to the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (NMSBA). The result of Makro’s trusting in neuroscience to enhance its advertising activities was a 12% increase in sales compared..

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