Gen Z acquires a TV habit

Gen Z is typically less engaged with traditional media, but COVID-19 is drawing a younger audience to TV and is likely to change their media consumption habits permanently.

That’s the view of Daniel Bischoff, chief marketing & operations officer at RTL AdConnect, part of the Luxembourg-based media group RTL Group.

Writing for WARC, he notes that “all over Europe, television … is regaining its role as the ‘family hearth’” – a place where people come together to catch up on the day’s news and seek out entertainment.

He reports that while the data indicates a rise in viewing is apparent across all age groups, this is most significant among the younger population.

“Figures from the Netherlands, for example, show a 155% increase in the amount of kids TV being watched; in France there is an increase of 21 percentage points in the number of 15- to 24-year-olds watching TV each day.

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