Google under fire as brands pull advertising and ad industry demands action


French media group Havas has pulled all its spend from Google and YouTube. Its UK CEO Paul Frampton says: “We have a duty of care to our clients in the UK marketplace to position their brands in the right context where we can be assured that that environment is safe, regulated to the degree necessary and additive to their brands’ objectives.

“Our position will remain until we are confident in the YouTube platform and Google Display Network’s ability to deliver the standards we and our clients expect.”

GroupM, WPP’s media agency says it has no plans to follow suit. A spokesperson says: “Digital advertising on platforms where content is user-generated and not curated has inherent brand safety risks. GroupM vigorously pursues every brand safety precaution and technology available to mitigate these risks, and we encourage all clients to make use of these tools.

“At the highest levels, we have communicated with Google, Facebook, Snapchat and other partners to encourage their development of solutions. However, a 100% foolproof system may not be possible. It’s important that brands know this and proceed with caution – as well as with available safety tools.”

Google had admitted it could be doing more to ensure ad safety

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