How brands can grow in a volatile marketing world

Elections, referendums, tariff wars, environmental catastrophe; the world is full of volatility and uncertainty. Meanwhile, the rate of change in society, consumers and technology is growing and changing apace. This is, of course, impacting brands and shaping the marketing agenda.

This volatility can be seen in Kantar’s latest BrandZ ranking of the top 100 global brands. It shows 46 brands increased their value by more than $1bn in 2019 compared with 71 the year before, while 26 brands declined in value by more than $1bn this year compared with just 12 in 2018.

This, according to Kantar, is a symptom of living in a ‘VUCA’ world, which is a concept that first originated with students at the US Army War College to describe the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of the world after the Cold War.

“The rise of ecosystem brands is a symptom of complexity; the breaking down of category boundaries is a symptom of ambiguity; the rate of movement in data shows the volatility,” explains BrandZ’s global strategy director, Graham Staplehurst.

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