How the gender pay gap impacts female marketers’ career progression

The gender pay gap, and its effect on female progression in business, is a pervasive and persistent problem that shows no signs of abating. 

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the average gender pay gap for full-time female workers has been stuck at 14.1% for the past three years. The gender pay gap for women in their 20s is five times greater than it was six years ago and as it stands the pay gap means that from 10 November 2017 – Equal Pay Day – women were in effect working for free for the rest of last year.

The marketing profession is in no way immune. According to the ONS Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, released last October, the average pay gap for marketing and sales directors is 12%, while the average pay gap for marketing associate professionals is 17.4%. The ONS defines the gender pay gap as the difference between men’s and women’s hourly earnings based on a percentage of men’s earnings.

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