How to build a marketing team from scratch

marketing team

Managing a marketing team is one thing but creating one from the ground up in line with rapid business growth requires additional focus. One of the many pressures facing fast-growing companies is how to grow a marketing team in a sustainable and effective way. Brands must increase their personnel as they seek to cater to an expanding customer base or capture new market opportunities. At the same time, marketing leaders must grapple with how to integrate new hires into the business at speed and ensure their recruits buy into the brand ethos.

Nuffield Health, which has increased its marketing team from two to 30 people over the past three years, recently completed an internal restructure to help it manage the influx. The not-for-profit business runs private hospitals, gyms and corporate healthcare centres and has grown rapidly through several acquisitions, including the purchase of 35 Virgin Active gyms in August.

Marketing director Sarah Lawrence explains that these deals and the company’s new strategic direction under CEO Steve Gray, who joined in December 2015, led to a restructure of the entire marketing department. This involved merging the different business areas in which Nuffield Health operates under a single marketing team.

“We have gone from a vertical structure that operated in silos and flipped it on its head so that all my team now works horizontally across the whole of Nuffield Health,” she says. “We started again with a blank sheet of paper at the end of last year. It’s taken most of this year to properly settle in.”

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