Marketers might spend their time seeking consumers’ undivided and concentrated attention, but new research exposes how to get a brand message across in low attention environments.

This is according to new research by Professor Karen Nelson-Field and PhD candidate Kellen Ewens, both of the University of Adelaide in Australia. Their research in association with Dentsu Aegis Network global’s Attention Economy Initiative, forms the basis for a paper in the current issue of Admap (topic: smarter video planning).

“We gathered screen data (viewability/time on screen/sound), eye-gaze tracking and STAS (Short Time Advertising Strength) measures from 17,000 video ad views in the UK, US and Australia (16 sets of data)”, the academics explain.

“This data enabled us to look deeper into the nature of low-attention processing and its relationship to sales.” The research carried over 2018 and into 2019.

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