How to measure design’s contribution to business growth

    Design is not a cost or an unnecessary indulgence but something that can create real financial value and marketers need to be able to make the case for investment and to change corporate attitudes.

    In a Warc Best Practice paper, How to measure design’s contribution to business growth,Joanna Seddon, president/global brand consulting at OgilvyRED, lays out a framework for measuring ROI from investment in design, which in this context refers to any form of communication conducted purely through visual cues.

    Clarity is essential when attempting this exercise, she states, starting with what exactly is understood by “design”, whether narrowly focused on things like logo, brand identity and packaging, or more broadly on the product itself and areas such as website and retail design.

    Marketers also need to be clear on what they want to measure in order to demonstrate that design can create value.

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