How to turn marketing into a revenue generator

    Marketing is often viewed as an expense rather than a revenue generator, but now savvy brands are creating content operations to deliver new sources of direct income, as well as brand awareness.

    At brands such as PepsiCo, Mondelēz International and MasterCard, perceptions of marketing are starting to shift from being a cost centre to a revenue generator. Traditionally, marketers have justified their spending on media, ads and promotions by pointing to an uplift in brand awareness, sentiment or sales at some point later down the line.

    While these metrics continue to hold true, marketers are under mounting pressure to show that they can also generate revenues quickly and directly from their own in-house resources.

    This trend is driven by several factors: a need for marketers to justify their worth in the boardroom, the desire to bolster budgets with extra cash and the rising prominence of ‘content’ as a marketing discipline. As brands struggle to reach consumers on digital platforms with traditional advertising – a problem exacerbated by the growth of ad blocking – their content operations serve the dual purpose of supporting their marketing needs while offering new revenue sources.

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