How to Use Employee Feedback to Build Better Marketing Campaigns

If there is truth in clichés, the well-worn phrase “we’re all in marketing now” has something to teach companies. What your employees say about your company—in person and on social media—holds weight.

That’s why brands are going big on employee advocacy programs.

In a 2016 survey, Altimeter found that 90% of surveyed companies are engaging employees in brand advocacy or plan to do so soon. That makes sense: Employee advocacy on social outperforms digital advertising, according to the report, “Social Media Advocacy: Tapping Into the Power of an Engaged Workforce.”

At the same time, though, other studies tell us employee engagement is low: Only one out of every three people report trusting their employer.

When the fundamental basis of trust is missing, the tenet that “we’re all in marketing now” becomes a far less optimistic statement.

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