IBM’s UK CMO: Marketing leadership means being brave, bold and quick to market

This month saw the launch of Marketing Week’s ‘Anatomy of a Leader’ project, examining the distinguishing characteristics required for marketing leadership.

In today’s marketing environment, I am seeing varied and insightful analyses into what it takes to truly differentiate as a marketer and build those stand-out, memorable campaigns. There were some interesting findings in this survey; some struck a chord with me and others spurred more of a debate.

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I don’t think that there is any question about the findings that strategic thinking, commercial awareness and a commitment to innovation are essential skills for the modern marketer. And honestly, even 50 years ago the conclusion would have been the same. The trick here is to have the ability to build for tomorrow, but deliver for today – very often two diametrically opposed tasks where at times one must be traded off for the other.

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