Is short-termist thinking undermining brands?

    According to new IPA research, the alarming decline in ad effectiveness from its 2009 peak is directly connected to the tight grip that short-termism now has on the marketing industry. It’s certainly a bleak picture that has been painted by the report’s authors, Peter Field and Les Binet.

    Whether or not the gloom has been overdone is a matter of debate, particularly given the research’s association with TV marketing body Thinkbox.

    “It’s an impressive body of learning and all credit to the IPA for having done it,” an agency chief remarks. “But it mustn’t be forgotten that the IPA has an axe to grind” – an interest in promoting sustained investment by clients in paid-for media.

    Field says he and Binet are just telling it as they have found it. “Our work has been well-researched and well-vetted by experts,” he says. “I certainly have no axe to grind.”

    Based on an analysis of some 500 case studies entered into the IPA Effectiveness Awards, the research suggests, on average, 47% of a communications budget is currently devoted to short-term activation strategies. This compares with 31% in 2014.
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