Keith Weed: CFOs count where money’s going, marketers where it’s going to come from

Unilever’s outgoing marketing boss says that despite a challenging business environment, marketers must take a “we approach” to business and position as future-forward to succeed. There’s no denying the business environment is tough at the moment. Consumer confidence is stuck in the doldrums, there is uncertainty over the outcome of Brexit and global economic growth has slowed.

That has led many firms to look at how to cut costs, rather than invest in growth; a move that has led to increased tensions between marketing and finance.

However, Unilever’s outgoing marketing boss, Keith Weed, says marketers must resist the temptation to sit in a corner demanding investment and instead take a “we approach” to business. He also believes they should position themselves as the insightful, future-forward face of the business to drive growth.

“You have to recognise the reality you are in,” he said, speaking last week at Marketing Week Live. “The world is tougher and more challenging. [But you can’t] be a marketer sitting in one corner saying, ‘I need this, I, I, I’. It’s very much a we approach to business.

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