Keith Weed (Unilever): Marketers must follow the ‘5Cs’ to connect with today’s consumers

In 2012 I took to the stage at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity to talk about our new marketing strategy, ‘Crafting Brands for Life’. Five years on, and those principles of putting people first, building brand love and unlocking the magic are still at the heart of everything Unilever marketers do.

Those fundamental principles for marketing were designed to transcend the choice of channels, to provide an absolute constant for all our 400-plus brands.

But with the digital eco-sphere expanding as fast as it is, it can be very tempting to always keep going after the latest and shiniest format, sometimes getting lost in the complexity of the ever-changing connected landscape.

So several years ago we set out to articulate the Unilever way for building our brands in the digital world.

We had three main aims.

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