Making sense of the digital terms moving into mainstream marketing

Last year was notable for a sense of realism. In 2016, Coca-Cola closed its startup incubator, Unilever moved to zero-based budgeting and McDonald’s signed a zero margin deal with Omnicom.

A year of broader tumult may have caused marketers to refocus, bringing a semi-backlash against many bright, young marketing technologies.

Commentators such as Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein, advocating rationalisation in 2017, have variously rubbished, decried, or (in Friedlein’s case) gently played down the importance of virtual reality, beacons, wearables and the internet of things.

But there are a bunch of words that are namechecked more and more in digital and marketing. They include customer experience, customer-centred design and agile methodology.

These somewhat interconnected terms encompass a wide range…

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