Mark Ritson: Don’t be seduced by the pornography of change

As we head into the holidays marketers around the world are about to take a well-earned break. There is just time for one more festive tradition. Somewhere between Christmas and the New Year we all get a deluge of predictions, prophetic articles and PowerPoint trend decks. More and more marketers, it seems, don the VR headset of futurology and take time to predict what will change in 2019.

Marketing is a fascinating discipline in that most people who practice it have no idea about its origins and foundations, little clue about how to do the job properly in the present, but unbounded enthusiasm to speculate about the future and what it will bring. If marketers became doctors they would spend their time telling patients not what ailed them, but showing them an article about the future of robotic surgery in the year 2030. If they took over as accountants they would advise clients to forget about their current tax returns because within 50 years income will become obsolete thanks to lasers and 3D printing.

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