Marketers can add value to agencies, so why aren’t more being hired?

Marketers do not lack the skills needed to work agency side but few make the transition, with loss of control and lower pay cited as two of the main concerns. However, those that make the move have the power to change agency relationships for the better.

Today, it’s not unusual for marketers to have worked agency-side at some point in their career. But while marketers increasingly make the transition from agency to brand, it is less common for them to move in the opposite direction.

Having client-side experience could give agencies the inside track and help them truly understand the challenges facing brands today, but with lower pay, limited opportunities and less brand control cited as some of the barriers for moving, what’s in it for marketers?

The future of agencies was the topic of a recent panel discussion at Advertising Week Europe. Agency luminaries gathered in front of an audience made up almost exclusively of agency staffers to ruminate on what they need to do to meet the needs of clients, now and in the near and long-term future.

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