Marketers must loosen their grip on the creative process

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s creative awards season. Cannes Lions has just come and gone for another year, with all the hype and hubris that goes along with it.

But what does it all mean for marketers? Should you give a flying fornication about the creativity of your agency, let alone whether they win any awards for it?

The answer, as with almost everything in marketing, is that it depends.

Before we get into the reasons for that, I should declare my bias here. I work for a creative agency, so naturally I have a vested interest in the value of creative work. But I’ve also been a fairly vocal critic of creativity for its own sake (or ‘creative wank’ to use the scientific term), so I would like to think I’m relatively balanced on this issue. Plus, I haven’t won many awards – on principle, of course.

Anyway, this is about you. How much should you concern yourself with the creative work that supports your marketing?