Marketers overestimate consumers’ attitude to data


    There is a clear gap between how marketers think consumers view data and their true feelings, which if not addressed ahead of the introduction of the new data law in 2018 could be bad for business.

    Marketers are facing a continuous struggle with consumers’ perception of data, as new research reveals 71% believe brands with access to their personal data are using it unethically.

    The report, which surveyed more than 34,000 people worldwide, reveals 78% of the public also view the threat of negative media coverage as an insufficient deterrent to prevent businesses from misusing personal data.

    Brands, therefore, are at severe risk of overestimating consumers’ trust in and willingness to adopt ‘predictive technologies’, according to the report by Edelman and The University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, shown exclusively to Marketing Week.

    The term ‘predictive technologies’ refers to services, analytical techniques, machine-learning algorithms and other tools capable of discovering and analysing patterns in data to predict future behaviour on the basis of past behaviour.

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