‘Marketing attribution is not always effective and insights are not acted upon’


Marketing attribution of some sort is widely used by businesses across Europe, but it’s not always effective and insights gained are frequently not acted upon, a study has said.

The State of Marketing Attribution, a report from Econsultancy and AdRoll was based on a survey of 590 marketing professionals, both in-house and client-side, across the UK, France and Germany.

This found that four in five (79%) organisations were using marketing attribution, but less than one in three (31%) did so on most or all their campaigns and analysed the results.

The vast amount of data generated by customer actions is seen as both a driver and an inhibitor, the study said: more data has increased the focus on attribution, but the volume is adding to the pressures on marketers.

And that is before they get into the more complex attribution models that produce better results. The report found that almost half (48%) were still using last-click models, while a similar proportion (47%) used first-click.

Nearly all appreciated that algorithmic and custom attribution models were more effective, but less than a quarter (23%) were using these.

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