Confidence in business and marketing is returning. Now it’s time for marketers to realise their own potential.

To state the bleedin’ obvious – the last two years have been mightily disruptive. Two years ago, many of you would have been reduced to expletive strewn incredulity on regular occasions, a state that developed into shades of optimism and despair in 2021.

After the ‘WTF’ of 2020 and the ‘Enough already’ of 2021, I sense collective urgency to think about ‘What’s next?’ in 2022.There are still plenty of macro-economic challenges to face up to but, with the threat of Omicron fading, a feeling that might have seemed like a thing of the past is returning – optimism.

Forecasts for advertising and marketing spend this year show an upward trajectory and return to pre-pandemic levels. Data from our 2022 Career & Salary Survey paints a picture of marketing’s reputation and role returning to where it should be – with a huge chunk of respondents reporting a greater strategic role and depth of appreciation. More confident companies are putting greater faith in marketing and marketers as a growth driver.

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