Marketing’s toughest jobs


In 2010, tobacco, the public sector, accountancy, law and financial services were singled out as the most difficult industries to market in a survey commissioned by Marketing Week. Six years on much has changed, so what is now considered the toughest sell?

Societal concerns have evolved, technology has created a plethora of new opportunities for marketers – along with a new set of rules and regulations –  and a fresh wave of scandals have affected consumer confidence.

The biggest concerns are around sugar, energy prices, payday loan companies and – just as in 2010 – the tobacco industry. The way consumers discover news about these areas and share grievances has also changed. The rise of social media means there is nowhere for corporations to hide as information can be seen by millions of people around the world 24/7.

How brands choose to deal with issues speaks volumes, however. They can either put their hands up or keep their heads down, but the steps they take to address concerns will have a lasting effect on brand image.

Opportunity for change

Clued-up brands operating in these sectors are striving to turn these challenges into opportunities by improving practices and resetting the status quo. Marketing professionals, particularly those in highly regulated sectors, are instead shifting their focus to innovation so they can face existing reputational issues head-on.

The payday loans industry has been criticised for its sky-high interest rates that have not always been clearly advertised, causing some customers to end up in huge debt.

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