Microsoft: ‘CMOs are not comfortable with the growing role of tech’

There has been an explosion in the marketing technology available to marketers. The latest estimate from chiefmartech estimates that in 2016 there were 3,874 martech solutions, double the previous year. This year’s estimate, due out later this month, is likely to tell a similar story.

This is a concern for Microsoft’s US marketing chief Grad Conn. He believes “a lot of CMOs are being pushed into the technology space in a way that they are not comfortable with” and says “a lot of them don’t know how to set up their organisation to actually be able to manage it”.

Speaking to Marketing Week, Conn says understanding this “confusing tech landscape” is one of the big challenges facing marketing professionals today. And it is only becoming more important after controversies such as brand advertising appearing next to extremist content on sites such as YouTube.

Conn believes there is also an opportunity in martech if marketers can link it with “the engines of revenue”. He explains: “CMOs tended to be somewhat powerless in generating revenue so what you are seeing is CMOs investing in marketing technology to drive control and management of these levers so they can deliver revenue [and] keep their jobs.”

But warns that “too many marketers are using vendors to do their work” and advises them to get involved in the process of running marketing technology.

Bron en volledig bericht: MarketingWeek