One marketer on why leaving Unilever was the best thing she ever did

Story of my CV: Margaret Jobling’s experience at Unilever gave her the perfect foundation for a career in marketing, but she says leaving was the “best thing I ever did” because it taught her how much she’d learnt.

“Life is about choices, accept it, change it or move on because it’s never going to be any more complicated than that”, says Centrica’s chief marketing officer Margaret Jobling.

Jobling landed her first marketing role via a rather unconventional path, having earned a PhD in Laser Chemistry at Nottingham University, before being offered a scientific research role at consumer goods giant Unilever where she initially spent more than a decade on the technical side of the business.

She isn’t one to sit and wait either. When Jobling decided she wanted to move into the marketing team she simply asked, and Silvia Dias Lagnado, current global CMO at McDonald’s who was serving as Unilever’s marketing director at the time, was “mad” enough to give Jobling a chance. She was offered a brand management role with Dove, which marked the start of a decorated career in marketing.

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