Outdated marketing team structures are hampering brands’ chances of achieving a single customer view

    Companies of all sizes see achieving a single customer view as a top priority, but their efforts are being thwarted by outdated organisational silos that split marketers by channel, not customer, new research finds.

    Achieving a single customer view is a goal for companies across every sector, as brands push towards delivering a seamless, personalised experience. The ability to harness the behavioural insights offered by customer data is becoming ever more essential for marketers to communicate with consumers to best effect.

    However, true data clarity is being hampered by fragmented organisational structures that split marketing teams by channel, rather than customer. According to a global survey of 1,100 marketers by Experian, channel-focused structures create ‘siloisation’ of information, making it difficult for businesses to obtain an in-depth customer view.

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